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Easy2boot drive

I forgot I also add MinitoolPartitionWizard.iso in Utilities
disciplexone 06/03/2015

Re: Easy2boot drive

Just think what you could do with a 64GB USB 3.0 SanDisk Extreme Cruzer or a 2TB WD Passport USB 3.0 external HDD!
SteveSi 06/03/2015

Easy2boot drive

hi Steve, thanks for your great tool, I have made my own installer USB
Inside my 8GB usb drive I fitted all apps, music, games, walls themes, etc. to install in any computer that needs fixing.
Included in the easy2boot drive are
-WinXPSP3IntOct2013.iso with DPMS
Thank you again for your great tool.
disciplexone 06/03/2015


This is the coolest thing ive come acrossed on the web in a while. I now have 6 OS's on my keychain.
Andrew 06/03/2015


I still have some research to do to get exactly the bootable USB I want but Easy2Boot is amazing! I keep an Easy2Boot drive with 10+ ISO for when I need one and I don't have to carry any CD/DVD's! Thanks much!
Ekagrah 07/12/2014

Best Tool

Without a doubt there are not a tool as good like that! Your suport and videos are very cool too. Thanks for all good work!
Tiago Lino 22/10/2014

Great Job

Hey, you've done an amazing work here.
Thank you,
Flow 03/10/2014

Great Site

I am usually the one that over amps people with way too much information so I am a little be overwhelmed. The tutorial videos makes things a lot less overwhelming. I highly recommed that you get a bitcoin account & wallet. Please check out the posts that are on my site that is very simple to download and set up. I will be very happy to support you & ask for a little support in return. I will write up a review of your site once I have set up a thumbdrive with the programs you provide and post not only on my website but I will post where the information will reach the entire world very quickly. I will post the information of where to find the reviews I write & post here in the forum. I really love the site.
Thom 24/09/2014

geniales Tool

Das Tool ist genial, weil es funktioniert und die Infos auf der site umfassend sind. Vielen Dank!
The tool is awesome because it works and the information on the site is comprehensive. Many thanks!
hollishi 30/08/2014

Eeasy2Boot is a superb utility!

I've been in contact with Steve from just after he started E2B, he has crafted some absolutely brilliant scripts that leverage a lot of power out of Grub4DOS.
This utility has made my life a whole lot easier!
Rootman 27/08/2014

Life saver..

I have very limited funds. I only had one thumb drive over 4gb, but I do have an extra 280gb usb drive. I got so sick of reformatting that thing, that I finally went on a quest for a system like Easy2Boot. It worked the first time I tried it, with no extra settings for each linux distro. It booted up Linux Mint and Kali without a hitch. Not that I see myself using them much, I booted up DOS just for the hell of it. Everything works. You are a genius.
As soon as I can, I will send a few bucks your way.
Hereticus 22/08/2014

Love it

thank you for that nice piece of software. Would like to donate, do you also accept paysafe code. I do not have paypal...sry
Sig 10/08/2014

Re: Love it

Click the Paypal link to use a debit or credit card - no PayPal account needed.
SteveSi 11/08/2014

Technician Savior ! :D

now i just load every image file into a single ext HDD to boot, configure and formatting for my customer >.<
i <3 E2B
Alex 10/08/2014

Translation PT BR

I have in hand the translation of E2B String for Portuguese Brazil.
How do you send?
Carlos Henrique 03/08/2014

Re: Translation PT BR

Great! Please use the Contact Me form and I will email back.
SteveSi 03/08/2014

Best boot loader ever

I have been using my modified version of Easy2Boot for over a year now, never had problems booting ANY bootable image. I have read most if not all tuts from and now have a ultimate bootable usb drive. Keep up the good work Steve, and thanks for everything you have contributed to the rmprepusb.
anon 31/07/2014


E2B = FLAWLESS VICTORY for every technician.
Finally someone made such necessary piece of software.

Options: 500/10
Customization: 500/10
Support 1000/10 (I didn't know few things, But I've mailed the author of this great software and he always gave me an simple answer. And I waited max (and I really mean max) 5 minutes.
And You know what ? This software is free!!!!!!!!!
Everyone should consider a donation cause this guy made so amazing software and he deserve the $.
BTW sorry for my english.
no-way 26/07/2014


A nice guy 13/07/2014


It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. Im glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.
Smithc84 27/06/2014


i just downloaded E2B and is about to try it out, Thanks in advance
Maurice Patrick 20/06/2014


Thanks for coding E2B 'the simplest and most awesome multiboot program'. It works great.
Sahil 19/06/2014


Thanks you for a excellent masterpice of software. very easy for use.
Ronald Cadena 08/06/2014

Thx for E2B

Hi steve, iam from indonesia
many thx for you steve, thx to make E2B
E2B for now the best multiboot for me, so easy to use
GBU steve
TecnoNerd 06/05/2014

Research on your program and How To's

Thank you it been very easy to understand. I'm hoping to get started real soon. I've been working on the process all day and am ready to get started,
Shirley King 25/04/2014


Please add a comment to my Guestbook and let me know what you like or don't like about this site and
Easy2Boot. Use the Contact Me or Forum page if you have any questions or want a reply.
Steve 01/03/2014

Re: Hi and BIG thank you

This tool is amazing - I have been able with (the newest version 2.1.730A) RMPrep usb to format a newer type fixed HDD removable Kingston Data Traveller 64GB G2 USB-3.0 exFAT filesystem as bootable on a very modern computer (just over a year old) setup with (grubldr-and-C:\2PTNS)

then I simply copied all the files from a previous older type of flash drive already set up with Easy2Boot a small first try, 8GB one and Even managed to install the newer Qemu_x86_x64 emulator to the drive ,
its slow in 32bit emulation mode whilst booted into windows,
(not-surprised, get no errors though!!) but its amazingly -blazingly fast when booted from bios menu..........this is the leap in coding brilliance I have been looking for, No more spindles of DVD+-RW Despair for me !!

- not to mention that this was a life saver when My bios stopped seeing my DVD drive completely and my system was infected and needed a re-install to fix it.

So MANY MANY THANKS Steve .....a donation is on its way ..........No other solution was needed except for a larger flash drive to store more ISO files.......
more VHD files.....etc

I was even upset at my new usb flash drive purchased to make a new multiboot drive ...... When I realized it was a fixed disk type......but handled by your software without a hitch !

Thank You.

I love the fact I got to try it for free too before deciding if it was, indeed the solution I Had Spent Hours trying to find,... before contributing to your search is over for an easy to use solution to multiboot.

A Very Recommended addition to a techie toolbox!!
JD 23/01/2016
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