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Topic: Easy2Boot

Please help translate agFM

For non-English languages, there is a very easy way to add translated phrases - please help...
Steve Si 31/03/2020

E2B v2.00 with agFM UEFI-boot menu

Just a heads-up that E2B v2.00 is now released. If you make a new USB drive using it, it will also make a new FAT32 UEFI-bootable second partition on the USB drive.
You can then UEFI-boot from the USB drive and select the ISO/VHD/WIM/EFI file and boot it.
Most files should be made contiguous as with E2B. .imgPTN files must ALWAYS be contiguous.
Some agFM Linux ISO boot options do not require the ISO to be contiguous however.
IMPORTANT: If you want to use a Removable USB Flash drive, you must use a Windows 10 system because XP, 7 and 8 can only access the first partition on Removable USB drives and the Make_E2B script cannot copy the agFM UEFI files to the second partition.
Steve Si 24/03/2020

Windows 7 Boot ISO Can't Boot

Hello, I have an ISO of Windows 7 named (en_windows_7_ultimate_x64_dvd), and because Windows 7 is out of date, that means I can't boot to the installation menu, it just gives me a winload.exe missing error. And when I try to patch boot.wim, it's no use. Should I try another ISO or see if you can create a boot.wim patch for Windows 7? Can you even create a bootmgr for Windows 7?
Ian 22/03/2020

Re: Windows 7 Boot ISO Can't Boot

If you are MBR\Legacy booting from a Win7 ISO, you should not get that error. Are you sure that is the correct error message?
Try downloading another ISO.
Note that Win7 only has old chipset drivers and only USB 2 drivers.
Steve Si 22/03/2020

Re: Re: Windows 7 Boot ISO Can't Boot

Nevermind, I got it taken Care of, but thanks anyways. E2B is the Best.
Ian 24/03/2020

Re: Re: Re: Windows 7 Boot ISO Can't Boot

You came here for free help and advice from others. Don't you think it polite to at least tell us what the cause of your problem was and how you fixed it so that others can learn from your experiences?
SteveSi 25/03/2020

E2B and PXE Boot

i have a laptop with C and D partitions.
The E2B files store in D drive.
The D drive size is 400GB.
How can i boot the E2B folder through pxe boot on another laptop? can i use serva or tiny pxe server or any software?
Habib 18/03/2020

Re: E2B and PXE Boot

E2B is not designed to work on internal drives.
E2B is designed to be located on the first MBR partition of an MBR-partitioned disk.
E2B does not work via pxe (or even from a CD/DVD). It should be run from an external USB disk.
SteveSi 18/03/2020

Upcoming ebooks

What are the new ebooks and when they will be published?
Habib 17/03/2020

Re: Upcoming ebooks

I am currently writing an eBook on agFM. It will assume you have read the other three E2B eBooks. It will cover how to add commonly-used payloads to an E2B+agFM USB drive plus how to modify\configure agFM and a bit about how it works.
It will have Exercises for you to follow. The emphasis will be on UEFI booting using agFM. Also a bit about Secure Boot too.
SteveSi 17/03/2020

Tunes chart

How do you convert music or song into tunes of frequency chart? Any software
Habib 15/03/2020

Re: Tunes chart

sorry, I have not found any.
SteveSi 15/03/2020

Tunes not playing

The beeps are not playing,
graphicsmode -1 800
default 1
timeout 5
# set menu background colour to grey (444444) and menu text colour to yellow (FFFF00) (format is 0xrrggbb00RRGGBB)
color normal=0x44444400FFFF00
# set selected menu item to transparent color highlight=0xFF0000
title Reboot
title Power off\nSwitch off the system
call /test.g4b

Batch file: test.g4b
beep 784 150 0 300 784 150 0 300 932 150 0 150 1047 150 0 150 784 150 0 300 784 150 0 300 699 150 0 150 740 150 0 150 784 150 0 300 784 150 0 300 932 150 0 150 1047 150 0 150 784 150 0 300 784 150 0 300 699 150 0 150 740 150 0 150 932 150 784 150 587 1200 0 75 932 150 784 150 554 1200 0 75 932 150 784 150 523 1200 0 150 466 150 523 150
john 15/03/2020

Re: Tunes not playing

It only works on VMware VM or some real systems which have a PC speaker fitted on the mainboard. What system are you testing it on?
P.S. Your menu will never run test.g4b.
first - it needs to be at the top of the menu.
secondly - the first line of test.g4b needs to be
SteveSi 15/03/2020

agFM startup menu

i use agFM Startup menu (USER SLACK GRUB2 THEME), set mymenu=1, set timeout=10, set default=1.
Real boot from agFM to UEFI:
if I select another iso during the 10 seconds that elapses, the switch window appears and the PC is frozen.
I have tested with 2 USB flash drives. The error is caused by the file \boot\grubfm\rules\iso\ The last working is from 28.02.2020. I have tested several times. Do you have any ideas.

Martin 14/03/2020

Re: agFM startup menu

Did you check for changes in Sample_startup_menu.txt?
What specific ISO are you booting?
What do you mean by 'switch window'?
Do you mean keyboard does not respond? Do not set a keyboard map or use at_keyboard for terminal.
I can't reproduce. Use Chat or send me email?
SteveSi 14/03/2020


can u explain word by word
especially: number=1 (md)0x1A00+400 > nul
cat --locate="GRUB4DOS 0.4." --replace="\x00" --number=1 (md)0x1A00+400 > nul
Habib 12/03/2020


--locate= will find that string
--replace= will replace the G character with 00 hex byte
--number=1 means only do this once on the first string match that you find
(md)0x1A00+400 is a memory address. It starts at '512-byte sector' number 0x1A00 and extends for a length of 400 sectors
0x1A00 = 512x6656=3407872
400x512 = 204800
so it will search memory from address 3407872 for a length of 204800 and change the first string of 'GRUB4DOS 0.4' to 00 'RUB4DOS 0.4'.
Since a 00 byte is interpreted as an 'end of string' marker by C, when the C printf statement is executed to print the string, no string is printed.
The > nul part is just redirecting any messages that the cat command normally outputs to the screen, to the device 'nul' which means 'nowhere' so that the user does not see any of the cat command output on the screen.
SteveSi 12/03/2020

Autounattend XML Files

Hey, I absolutely love E2B and what it allows me to do. I've been messing around with unattended Windows installs and I've been having some issues with XMLs not loading.

I've used the XML2E2B software to modify some XML files, but they don't show up as an option when "DEFAULT XML found. Press ENTER to choose different XML". I've noted that on some PCs, this will work as intended and allow me to switch to a different XML file. Others won't even show a list of XMLs, but will instead just boot to the ISO with no XML at all.

Is there something I'm missing here that may cause this issue?
iCoExist 11/03/2020

Re: Autounattend XML Files

Make sure the XML files and ISO files are in a \_ISO\WINDOWS\xxxxx folder.
You should always get a list of the XML files that are in that folder.
If you press ENTER when prompted to 'Press ENTER to run Setup\Repair' then it will not list the XML files.
I suggest you run \QEMU_MENU_TEST (run as admin).cmd and go through the same menus to see what a 'standard' PC should do.
See eBook #2 for more details or use the online Chat facility on this site (enable pop-ups in browser)
SteveSi 11/03/2020

Re: Re: Autounattend XML Files

Thanks for that info. I just kept hitting "Press Enter to run Setup/Repair" without thinking to let it load past that.
iCoExist 16/03/2020

alloc magic is broken

i have added a wallpaper for agFM - e2b 'slack' theme (1024x768 PNG file). The bit depth 24 did not work (it must be 32) I got the error message: alloc magic is broken at 0x3744e750: 0
Aborted. Press any key to exit._
The message cannot be closed, only by restarting the PC.
Can error messages generally not be closed?
Martin 08/03/2020

Re: alloc magic is broken

Are you sure it was a bit depth issue and not a bad path\filename issue or bad format (no comments in file, etc.)?
AFAIK the error handling is in the theme code for grub2 and so it is not easy to change. You just have to get it right!
SteveSi 08/03/2020

The Easy2Boot USB Stick creator does not detect my USB drive

today I tried to create an Easy2Boot stick but the software does not detect my USB stick.
What can I do?
Leon 01/03/2020

Re: The Easy2Boot USB Stick creator does not detect my USB drive

The USB drive needs to have a drive letter.
Click on the Gear wheel button if any problems.
Steve Si 01/03/2020

Write a new ebook

Hello steve, We like all your ebooks is very clear and concise.
Please write ebooks about all the payloads in easy2boot with step by step instructions (perfect installations, menus , lst files) etc.
Habib 29/02/2020

Re: Write a new ebook

There are 3 E2B eBooks with dozens of exercises in them which covers all the common payloads.
Steve Si 01/03/2020

startup menu with windows 10

Why is a Windows 10 1909.18363 PRO.iso with integrated updates not displayed in the user defined startup menu?
Windows 10.iso created with media creation tool is displayed.
Can I change the iso to display it or do I need to convert it to .imgPTN23?
ms.1304 24/02/2020

Re: startup menu with windows 10

Sorry, I mean the created startup menu for agFM
ms.1304 24/02/2020

Re: Re: startup menu with windows 10

You are supposed to edit the file. That is why it is called a 'sample' menu file.
P.S. File paths and names are CASE-SENSITIVE!
if it contains spaces - enclose with double-quotes "xxxxx".
Use Live Chat if you have problems.
SteveSi 24/02/2020

Easy to boot don't work for me.

i did everything right opend the software pressed the big red button did everything files were coppied i press the test option and no menu appear even before i add files what could be the problem guys?
ofir 23/02/2020

Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

Compare the usb drive contents with the download folder contents on the desktop.if same then try a different usb drive.
Stevesi 23/02/2020

Re: Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

there pretty much the same i think except the exe file that create the disk on key.tried to copy that folder to the disk on key did not work.this is a brand new 128GB disk on key SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.1 Type-C 128GB SDDDC3-128G-G46 i don't see a reason to replace it.
ofir 23/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

You mean that you dont have ANY other USB drive that you can just try? Or none of your friends have a USB drive that you can borrow for 30 minutes?
E2B is downloaded 2000 times a day and no one else has this problem. So this issue is either with your USB drive or your system. Since it is a brand new flash drive, I suggest you test it using FakeFlashTest to see if it is a fake?
Steve Si 23/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

i bought it from an official computer store not ebay or alliexspress it is not fake.
ofir 23/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

the question what is the problem? is it the drive size?
ofir 23/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

ok tried a diffrent disk on key sandisk cruzer fit 32GB i had acronis media on it so i know it works in boot and it still does not work in easy to boot test.
ofir 23/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy to boot don't work for me.

ok this disk on key does work exctually.
ofir 23/02/2020

Hiren's Mini XP no keyboard or mouse

Howdy! I'm trying to get the keyboard and mouse in Hiren's Mini XP (Restored) with e2b. If I create a standalone image for Hiren's using Rufus, the keyboard and mouse work fine. I've tried creating an imgPTN file as well as changing the extention to both .isoWINVH and .isoHW as well. Anyone have any advice? Thank you!
Rodney 22/02/2020

Re: Hiren's Mini XP no keyboard or mouse

My mistake, I didn't use Rufus on the working drive, I used the included utility that came with the Hiren's download, which was grub4dos.
Rodney 22/02/2020

Re: Re: Hiren's Mini XP no keyboard or mouse

Well, if you made a .imgPTN file then that boots using grub4dos and it should be the same.
Why not drag-and-drop the working Rufus drive letter onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut to make a copy of the working Rufus installation?
Steve Si 22/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Hiren's Mini XP no keyboard or mouse

Thanks Steve! I'll try your suggestion and let you know how it works out.
Rodney 24/02/2020

2 menu entries for Dr. Web

I am new to Easy2Boot. I had been using YUMI for years, but thought I should try E2B since it's supposed to support secure boot. I have disabled secure boot for now and using CSM.
I also purchased the 3 ebooks.

I followed the instructions in ebook #1 for making Dr. Web persistent. Now, when I boot my E2B flash drive, I have 2 menu entries for Dr.Web under the Antivirus menu. The first entry one is using the ,mnu file. The second entry is using the iso name. Is this normal? How do I get rid of the 2nd entry. I have not tried booting the iso yet. Thanks.
Jason 18/02/2020

Re: 2 menu entries for Dr. Web

Yes, that is normal.
Simply move both files to a sub-folder.
Make a \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS\MNU folder (any name will do), and place both files in there.
E2B will only enumerate payload files if they are in the main menu folders, but .mnu files can be placed in sub-folders.
See page 70 - About .mnu files.
Steve Si 18/02/2020

Re: Re: 2 menu entries for Dr. Web

Gotcha! It's fixed. Thank you.
I just tested it several times. It was not saving the definitions or wifi password on restart. I decided to delete and recreate drweb-rw file. I moved it to the same folder as the ,mnu and .iso files.

The ebook says "SET PF=\drweb-rw", but the sample .mnu file says "SET PER=\drweb-rw.

The first time I used "PF"; this time I left it as "PER". It seems to be working now. I restarted and it shows the definitions are current and it even saved my wifi password, so I am already online.

I have set up Kaspersky, but haven't tested it yet. I will tomorrow. I used the method described on RMPrepUSB website.

I am going to attempt to set up Comodo next. Do I use the Kaspersky method (create a folder) or DrWeb method (create ext3)?
Jason 18/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: 2 menu entries for Dr. Web

See 'List of tested ISOs\payloads (with instructions)' page on this site before you add any payload.
Steve Si 18/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: 2 menu entries for Dr. Web

I did. It is listed, but no instructions. there is no sample mnu file. I assume I just boot directly from the iso file. I guess it doesn't support persistent.

Also, need to update ebook #1 about DrWeb. SET PF is incorrect. the sample mnu file says SET PER
Jason 18/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 2 menu entries for Dr. Web

Ebook #1 is now updated. You can re-download using the link that was emailed to you.
SteveSi 18/02/2020

Secure Boot Violation!

idon't know if it's been noticed yet,
since WIN 10 1909 18363.657 booting from agFM is no longer possible: Secure Boot Violation!
Booting agFM is only possible if the UEFI BIOS is switched to another OS.
Note: I can no longer send an email to [email protected]
<[email protected]>: host [XXX.X.XXX.XX] said: 550 5.7.1
Blocked by SpamAssassin (in reply to end of DATA command)
I checked my IP for block list, negative.

ms.1304 14/02/2020

Re: Secure Boot Violation!

Booting Win10 1909 in what form? Please explain the issue.
If you mean booting from an .ISO - then it is a known issue and you must use a .imgPTN file - see agFM page on this site.
SteveSi 14/02/2020

Re: Re: Secure Boot Violation!

Boot WIN 10 1909 18363.657.imgPTN23 from partition 2, FAT32 on ASUS BOARD PRIME X370 PRO.
Before WINDOWS update it worked fine.
Tested on 2 PC
ms.1304 14/02/2020

Re: Re: Secure Boot Violation!

It does not matter which file I want to boot. I select partition 2 (agFM) in the boot menu and Secure Boot Violation appears immediately!
ms.1304 14/02/2020

Re: Secure Boot Violation!

"Microsoft has revoked Kaspersky vulnerable UEFI bootloader which could be used to circumvent Secure Boot. The update adds bootloader hash to dbx list, distributed via Windows Update."
a1ive 14/02/2020

Re: Re: Secure Boot Violation!

Yes, Steve had written about that.
I didn't think Microsoft was gonna be so quick
is patched.
Thanks for the info
ms.1304 14/02/2020

Re: Re: Re: Secure Boot Violation!

If you switch in a .imgPTN file or .imgPTN23 file and reboot, you can use the UEFI boot menu to select the first partition (Windows Install FAT32) and it Secure UEFI-boots to Windows setup OK.
SteveSi 14/02/2020

Re: Secure Boot Violation!

SpamAssasin doesn't like your email address - it thinks you are a spammer.
I get email from other users...
SteveSi 14/02/2020


i just want to say thank you to steve and a1ive.
I have installed Windows 10.imgPTN23 with E2B agFM v1.6 on a new Fujitsu Workstation, it's awesome.
(Support for Compatibility Support Module (CSM) is no longer possible on systems with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i technology)
When I think about it, it is just a USB flash drive, unbelievable.
The development of E2B is rapid and Steve's support is fast; questions are answered competently within minutes or a solution is sought. No large software company offers this with expensive premium support. There you get answers like '' then that's the way it is'' or ''If you have done a Windows update, then contact Microsoft''. So many pages on and, with instructions, tested isos etc.
eBooks with explanations, exercises and incredible knowledge, a tremendous job. I think Steve is a robot ;-)
ms.1304 08/02/2020

grub2 file managher

Which file should I run from the casper folder unpacked by drweb-live.iso via the Grub2 file manager?
Oleh 23/01/2020

Re: grub2 file managher

You should be able to select the ISO file and then boot to it using the partnew or Easy2Boot option.
Steve Si 23/01/2020

Re: Re: grub2 file manager

/ISO_Extract/drweb/readme.txt says
"Extract DrWeb ISO to drweb folder: e.g.
\ISO_Extract\drweb\casper\vmlinuz (etc.)"

Written in the file "Grub2_Payloads_Beta10.xls": "drweb (ext) ->>> extract iso to \ISO_Extract\drweb folder - only casper folder needed"

Need to extract the "casper" directory from the ISO image, or not?
Oleh 24/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: grub2 file manager

Your title of this post is 'grub2 file manager', which is described at
The instructions you are referring to are for the grub2 menu system which are described on

These are two completely different things!

I recommend you use the latest UEFI method which is the a1ive grub2 File Manager and which can boot 99% of all Linux ISOs + Windows Install ISOs, + WIM files + VHD files + IMG files, etc. directly from the \_ISO\xxxx (or any) folder.

Steve Si 24/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: grub2 file manager

Many thanks! Now I understand everything!
Oleh 24/01/2020

Error: No such device Error: Unknown filesystem

eNtering Rescue mode. Grub rescue
I don't How or whY this happened! I did add another 5 isos & ran wincontig. When I last used it it was Good. I'd rather not start again because it's got about 150 isos on a 128 GB Flash Dr. So it'll be painful reconstructing those isos contiguously. I've already looked on your Errors page... Please How 2 Fix this? & Thanx 4 a Handy Tool, Happy 2020 ;-)K
Me 18/01/2020

Re: Error: No such device Error: Unknown filesystem
Steve Si 18/01/2020

Re: Re: Error: No such device Error: Unknown filesystem

Thanx Steve 4 your Help, that Worked 1st time, But after Successfully Booting just 1 of my 127 Linux isos, now when I Boot my E2B USB on 3 Different Laptops, everything works up 2 the Menu, I Select the iso & then press eNter... the Menu appears 2 Refresh, but nuthing happens, all that remains iz the Menu & of course I've tried other isos. Thanx again 4 your Help! ;-)K
Me 18/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Error: No such device Error: Unknown filesystem

Check the file system is not corrupt (Windows - right-click - Properties - Tools).
Then run Update_E2B_Drive.cmd from the download or click on the Update E2B button.
Run WinContig on the drive (make contiguous) and test using QEMU_MENU_TEST (run a admin).cmd it should at least load the ISOs and start to boot to linux before failing due to 32-bit CPU or not enough memory).
Steve Si 19/01/2020

FYI: LMDE 3 "Cindy" - Cinnamon (64-bit) without persistence

LMDE 3 "Cindy" - Cinnamon (64-bit) is not working with .isopersist file extension.
Error: ISO file does not contain casper directory
Oleh 17/01/2020

Re: FYI: LMDE 3 "Cindy" - Cinnamon (64-bit) without persistence

Does this Debian version support the 'persistent' cheat code as a casper-rw volume?
Try using a .mnu file to see if it works.
I think it needs a special ext3 persistence file, volume name 'persistent' and needs to contain a live-persistence.conf file.
So it is not suitable for .isopersist - you must use a .mnu file which has instructions for a debian persistence file.
SteveSi 17/01/2020

imgptn coruption

Hi, i get all of my imgptn files corrupted after switching to any of them and back (sha1 mismatch). I have used different flashdrives on different pcs but still happening. Anyone else experiencing this?
Panos P 16/01/2020

Re: imgptn corruption

This is normal. When you boot to grub4dos, the CSM menu will update some files on the new partition to save a copy of the MBR, etc.
The image is not corrupted, just altered slightly.
Steve Si 16/01/2020

Re: Re: imgptn corruption

I thought so, but, for example, an imgptn windows installation fails during file copy, so something else (install.wim?) was altered (corrupted?)... I just noticed that the sha1 of an ISO file is not the same (do ISOs get updated too?)... Any hints?
Panos P 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: imgptn corruption

Some versions of E2B will alter the ISO so that it does not prompt the user to 'Press any key to boot from DVD'. Either that or you have a bad ISO or bad USB drive. Are you using E2V v1.B8?
re. .imgPTN, try using USB 2 port - could be corrupt wim file, bad flash drive or bad USB I/O data corruption.
Steve Si 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: imgptn corruption

v1.B7, anyway, thanks for the pointers, i will try with the usb 2 port and keep investigating. Thanks a lot!
Panos P 16/01/2020

install error

Hi) I am using
When i trying install win10(LTSC) Enterprise -
At first stage of installation i have this error message "windows cannot find the microsoft software license terms"
When i trying another keys i have this message "no image are available"
Can you help me?
Alexander 15/01/2020

Re: install error

If you use an XML file, use either the No Key XML or use the Choose a Key and then pick the correct key which must match the key used by that ISO.
However, it may be easier just to press ENTER after you select the ISO file when prompted to 'Press a key to run Setup\Repair' and it will run Setup as normal.
Steve Si 15/01/2020

Re: Re: install error

Thanks for quick reply!)

>If you use an XML file, use either the No Key XML or use the Choose a Key and then pick the correct key

I was try use all Enterprise keys from here
No one help me

>it may be easier just to press ENTER after you select the ISO file when prompted to 'Press a key to run Setup\Repair'

I have new trouble message - "a media driver your computer needs is missing" at start install process
Alexander 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: install error

See FAQs
Did you see the blue console box appear when it booted? Did it load the ISO from the USB drive as a virtual DVD?
This usually indicates that Win10 Setup (WinPE) cannot access the USB drive because it does not have the correct USB drivers for your (new?) system. Try unplugging and re-connecting the USB drive into a USB 2 port or use a USB 2 extension cable.
Alternatively, use a later version of the ISO which may include the required USB 3 drivers for your system - OR - boot to a Windows 10 Retail 2019 Install ISO, run WinNTSetup.exe and install the LTSC ISO using that.

Output from ProduKey after installation shows:
Product Name : Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 Evaluation
Product ID : 00425-10000-00000-AA840
Product Key : N7HMH-MK36Q-M4X93-76KQ2-6JHWR
Steve Si 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: install error

Thank you! Your serial is applied. Installation is starting. But at finish stage of installation i have error - "Windows Setup encountered an internal error while loading or searching for an unattend answer file" Its appear on two different official win10 ISOs.

Aleander 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: install error

I don't get any issue (I made and used a .key file with that key and the same ISO) and I have not heard of that before. Can you continue or does that stop the install? Any reason why your hardware would be different from everyone else? Write-protected USB? Using a VM? Strange PC or USB drive, etc?
Contact me via Online Chat if you need more help.
Steve Si 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: install error

I am send you message through contact form
Alexander 16/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: install error

This appears to be due to a bug in v1.B8. It is fixed in E2B v1.B9b Beta.
Steve Si 17/01/2020

A1ive's grubfm

Hi Steve! Very interesting article, thank you!
One question: I understand the benefits of grubfm for UEFI, but regarding Legacy, is there any functional advantage in using:
versus just using
Also, is loadfm file actually required in an E2B drive? (seems to be a renamed grldr)
Always thank you for expanding our minds.
Starla 05/01/2020

Re: A1ive's grubfm

For MBR, E2B\grub4dos is best. In fact grubfm often calls grub4dos to do MBR stuff!
Since grubfm uses a file called 'loadfm' it needs to be included.
Steve Si 05/01/2020


I have tried on 2 occasions now to purchase to purchase 4 eBooks with my Visa card. I put in the required info and then click 'purchase'. It asks me for my email address, but won't accept any typing in the required field.
Not sure what to do next.
Bryan 31/12/2019

Re: eBooks

1. Ensure pop-ups are enabled in your browser (do you see that Chat icon on RHS of this page? If so pop-ups are enabled).
2. Disable any Ad blocker (allow ads).
3. Try 'Incognito' mode in your browser.
4. Try a different browser or different system
Steve Si 31/12/2019

Re: Re: eBooks

Thanks Steve.
Enabling the pop-ups worked.
I downloaded 4 pdf files but when I call them up in FoxIt Reader the links don't seem to work.
Any ideas?
Bryan 01/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: eBooks

I solved the problem.
Opened the 'pdf' file in Chrome and all is well.
Thanks Steve for your quick reply.
Bryan 01/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: eBooks

Make sure your current cursor is in Hand tool mode before clicking the links. You can find the Hand tool under HOME menu in Foxit Reader.
Steve Si 01/01/2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: eBooks

That works also.
I can't believe I couldn't figure that out.
Bryan 01/01/2020

New IODD Mini SSD is now available
Steve Si 19/12/2019

imgPTN grub unknown filesystem

I have got a ASROCK J4105M board with only UEFI possible. To change from an old BIOS only E2B USB-stick, first I installed the newest E2B version. Then I have deleted the 2nd partition on the stick and resized the first and added 2nd partition with 4GB. I have formated this with FAT32 an copied hirens-boot to this partition. It's possible to boot from the 2nd partition. Then I have renamed the memtest imgPTN to imgPTN23. After running SWITCH_E2B I'm able to boot memtest and switch back to normal E2B partition.
Then I converted a manjaro-lxqt-18.1 iso to imgPTN23 and tried to boot this one. But I got "unknown filesystem" and a grub prompt.
I checked the iso twice and build a USB stick with YUMI. There everything works normal.
So I guess there ist a problem when converting to imgPTN.
But how to get it work?
Henning 14/12/2019

Re: imgPTN grub unknown filesystem

Manjaro has strange EFI boot files which don't work for FAT32. Please ALWAYS read the 'List of tested ISOs' page - there (in UEFI section) you will find instructions for UEFI with this particular ISO.
Steve Si 14/12/2019

about payment methods

Hi, how are you? i've been using e2b since 2015 or 2016 if i recall correctly, it was a life saving for me since i always have used a 16gb usb flash disk and space was always always limited and i had to re-flash it with other isos when i needed them. that was until i've read about e2b and whew, no more reflashing.
i was given a 128usb stick from a dear friend and i wanted to give a good try to e2b on this stick and was even more surprised of the capabilities of this software. therefore i wanted to say thank you for your hard work!
Now, the real question. i know how uefi and bios/mbr works. And i wanted to fully exploit the capabilities of uefi and e2b so i want to get the book #3. the thing is: the payment method. i live in venezuela so pay with foreign currency is a (let's just say) a pain in the ass.
Are there other options available? because i really really really want to get that book and study it.
with nothing else to say, i sincerely say thank you and best regards - luis

Re: about payment methods

Most people have a credit card or a bank account or a bitcoin account or friends which have them. Payhip accept CCs and PayPal payments or you can donate the equivalent amount via BitCoin (see donate page) and I will send you a 100% off voucher.
I don't want to start a trend because I would end up giving the entire population of Venezuela loads of free stuff.
SteveSi 26/11/2019

E2B usb doesn't work on some systems.

I made an E2B usb drive from a Sandisk Ultra 128GB usb drive. It works perfectly on my old HP laptop but doesn't on newer MSI PC. when I boot E2B drive it shows the following:
"/_ISO/e2b/grub/E2B.cfg is MISSING!"
if I press Enter botton, some texts appears and then a command prompt where I could enter commands like reboot, to reboot the system.
Is there anyway to fix this problem?
any response would be appreciated.
shapoor 14/11/2019

Re: E2B usb doesn't work on some systems.

I haven't heard of this problem for ages - did you update to E2B v1.B7? I think it happens due to grub4dos not liking the way one of the internal disks is formatted. Can you try disconnecting all the internal disks (or disabling them in the BIOS) just to see if the error goes away? Can you give exact details of the Motherboard Model number and the BIOS revision?
SteveSi 14/11/2019

Re: Re: E2B usb doesn't work on some systems.

Thanks for your response.
E2B version:1.77
Motherboard:MSI B85M-E45

I disconnected hard disk from motherboard and the E2B booted. so the problem is the hard disk , which is defective and the installed windows on it doesn't boot and I managed to retrieve some file on it with help from E2B drive and Knoppix.
I wonder is there anyway to boot E2B drive when the hard disk is connected?

Thanks in advance.
shapoor 14/11/2019

Re: Re: Re: E2B usb doesn't work on some systems.

v1.77 is very old! Please update to v1.B7.

You said 'I managed to retrieve some file on it with help from E2B drive and Knoppix.' but you also said it won't boot to E2B??? Please explain!
SteveSi 14/11/2019

Re: Re: Re: Re: E2B usb doesn't work on some systems.

Thanks for your response.
Sorry it was just a mistake, actually I figured out to retrieve files on the hard disk.
After all I booted into knoppix , E2B drive connected to another PC. Then attached E2B drive back to the defective PC and it booted into knoppix. Then I accessed to the hard disk within knoppix environment. Then I formatted the hard disk then reinstalled Win 7 on it. Now it works. Thanks E2B and knoppix.
I'll update E2B as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.
shapoor 15/11/2019

How to make / shrink partitions?

I have a 128GB USB FLASH drive, with files on it and an FS that my cell phone can read (I love that feature). I'd love to make it /also/ boot Ubuntu. I'm trying to follow the instructions on
But I can't figure out how to make the partition smaller, or to add a second partition. In Windows 7 (my primary OS) the Disk Manager doesn't seem to want to allow me to shrink the existing partition. Those options are greyed out. Are their other means of managing the partitions?
James Newton 30/10/2019
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