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Topic: Easy2Boot

Acronis on USB

Emdji 21/06/2021
I have a very old version of Acronis 8 on an USB stick that i use sometimes on old systems.
I tried to convert it to run with E2B but with no success it always fail at boot"boot error"
-Convert the complete key using MPI (FAT32). Fails.
-Try to boot directly from an image .img created with DD utility under Linux. Fails
-Try to convert the DD image .img with MPI into imgPTN. Fails

PS:I cannot recreate anymore the USB stick or an .iso
Any hints are welcome

Create Menu Item to run VHDX on PTN3

Joe 07/04/2021
Sorry for the stupid question but I'm unable to locate the answer. I would like to create a Single Menu Item that would run a VHDX. The path is (hd0,2)/_EASY2BOOT/!PROGRAMS/WinToUSB.VHDX

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Create Menu Item to run VHDX on PTN3

Steve Si 07/04/2021
Sample .mnu files can be found in \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files folder.
Did you look at 'Boot Windows from VHD.mnu' ?
Just edit the full path for ISOC.

Windows 10 pro no key xml

John 22/01/2021
Is it possible to specify Win 10 Pro edition in the unattended xml, without entering a product key, then force activation on oem bios key? I have used the default key specified, but it fails activation, and does not attempt to activate the oem key from the bios.

Re: Windows 10 pro no key xml

Steve Si 23/01/2021
Did you try the 'no key' XML file which just has a blank key? No key (choose a version to install).xml
If your system has an OEM Pro key embedded, it will be a retail\OEM key, so make sure you don't use a Volume Licence Pro generic key in the XML file. Try VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T.
Even if you use the wrong key, you can use the Activation Troubleshoot button and it should then activate.
Select Windows Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation , and then select Troubleshoot.
SDI_CHOCO includes a script which will force the system to activate if it contains a valid key (it must be added into the .cmd script).

New Launcher utility in E2B v2.07 Beta

Steve Si 17/12/2020
The latest Beta has a new Windows 'Launcher' utility. Please update your E2B drive and try it.

linux install script takes forever

GRöder 10/12/2020
I've got a question regarding the install script. (Running ubuntu 20.04 with ntfs-3g installed)
If I use the, everything works fine and I can use the stick right afterwards. Though if I use the ntfs-version (because I'd like to have persistence files > 4 GB), the script is stuck at "Please wait - flushing write cache and unmounting drive..." (the final unmounting after the data has been copied to the drive) for ~30 minutes.
According to my disk manager and the output of lsblk the drive is unmounted right after the script reaches that point, but if I plug out the stick at that point (meaning before the umount command exits after half an hour), it is unusable (probably in an inconsistent state).
Is this a bug or supposed behaviour (syncing the write-cache) ? If second one - why does it take that long while only copying around 90 MiB of data ? (I tried two computers, 3 different USB ports and 2 different thumbdrives, same behaviour in every possible combination)
Regardless of this issue: Thanks for offering Easy2Boot! Your E-Books where very helpful too, for understanding the mechanics of booting (e.g. technical differences of Legacy vs. UEFI boot).

Re: linux install script takes forever

Steve Si 10/12/2020
Hi, I'm not sure why sync is causing an issue.
You can try the commands individually by typing them into the cmd shell.
Maybe try putting a pause before the sync command would fix it (allow time for filesystem to finish previous writes?).
Maybe its a ntfs-3g issue?
Wrtiing files and then issuing a sync command shouldn't cause an issue normally (though I am not experienced much with Linux)???

Re: Re: linux install script takes forever

GRöder 11/12/2020
Thanks for that fast answer!
I typed the commands one by one by hand into the terminal, and 3 times I tried it, I had the same results, whereas once it unmounted "incredible fast" (something like 3 min).
Therefore I edited the (added "sleep 5" between every pair of existing commands) and sadly that hadn't any effect.
After that I tried your script on an external HDD, which surprisingly worked flawlessly, no matter how often I tried. Aren't HDDs supposed to be much worse regarding small file writes ?? I'm kind of confused right now.

Re: Re: Re: linux install script takes forever

Steve Si 11/12/2020
OK, so it points to a problem with the USB flash drive. Are you installing E2B or E2B+DPMS?
The DPMS version can be incredibly slow to install on slow flash drives as there are 1000's of small driver files. Even on some USB 3 'fast' USB drives like the Lexar USB 3 it can take 20 minutes. Linux will cache the file writes which is why the sync is needed. Get a SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3 or 3.1 drive!

Re: Re: Re: Re: linux install script takes forever

GRöder 11/12/2020
AFAIR the zip I downloaded was the non-DPMS-Linux-package. (The other one wouldn't make sense, since I dont / didnt plan to install / use XP)
I'll download the non-DPMS-version again and report back, after I tried again with that one.
PS: I deliberately evaded Lexar USB Thumbdrives thanks to your warning, ignoring their seemingly good price-performance ratio.

Re: Re: Re: Re: linux install script takes forever

GRöder 11/12/2020
Compared the re-download folder, and it is exactly the same as the one on my drive, so I already downloaded the non-DPMS-package.
On the other hand the folders do contain the folder "_ISO/e2b/grub/DPMS/", but that folder doesn't contain thousands of files, so I guess its not the one you mentioned.
I tried the install script again and had the same result as before (as expected since it is the same folder).

Issues booting easy2boot on older computers

Howell Toad 26/11/2020
I can boot from usb fine with i5 or i3 computers but when I tried a dual core I set the bio to boot usb first but it's still not booting. Any suggestions of changes to a bio that a 3.0ghz dual core to make it boot from the usb stick?

Re: Issues booting easy2boot on older computers

Steve Si 27/11/2020
See FAQ section - use the SITE MAP.
Get eBook #1 for more info on BIOSes.
Don't set first boot device as USB! Set internal HDD as first boot device and use BIOS hotkey (F8/F9/F10/F11/F12/ESC/DEL ???) to select USB drive as boot device.
Always ensure E2B USB drive has two primary MBR partitions (or more).
Check it boots OK using QEMU_Menu_Test.cmd.

Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

agfm and E2B menu only showing boot (.isomem) 02/11/2020
I have recently created an E2B drive with an agfm partition for uefi booting + 6 partitions for macOS installers, the menu part works fine, but when I try to boot an .iso, the only 'booters' that appear are .isomem and just normally boot. When I did the same thing using an old 64 GB flash drive, it worked perfectly, showing ventoy an other 'booters'. Is there any common error I might have made?

Re: Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

Steve Si 02/11/2020
Well the Make_E2B.exe or .cmd files only allow you to make a maximum of 3 primary partitions. So you must have made the E2B drive using a non-standard method.
E2B USB drives should contain a max. of 3 Primary MBR partitions.

Re: Re: Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

Split MBR/GPT partition scheme. 04/11/2020
Alright, so will making a split partition scheme with the macOS installers being on the GPT side and the two E2B partitions on the MBR side work?

Re: Re: Re: Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

Steve Si 04/11/2020
No. A disk is either MBR or GPT - it can't be both. It is very difficult and incompatible to add grub4dos legacy BIOS boot code to a GPT disk. GPT disks are therefore not supported.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

Creeper560 PL 05/11/2020
Then would making the e2b drive uefi-only work?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

Steve Si 05/11/2020
You seem to be confusing GPT with UEFI? GPT is a way to partition disks. UEFI is a new type of firmware. You can UEFI-boot from both MBR\Legacy disks and GPT disks. E2B+agFM is designed to work on an MBR disk only - even if you UEFI-boot to it. A GPT USB boot disk is not supported by E2B+agFM - the E2B USB disk must contain Primary MBR partitions.
P.S. Windows Setup has been intentionally limited by Microsoft so that if you UEFI-boot, it will only install to a GPT disk - if you Legacy\BIOS boot then it will only install to an MBR boot disk. Microsoft has limited it in this way because it is easier for them to support - if Legacy BIOS Windows boot then boot disk is MBR, if UEFI Windows boot then the boot disk has GPT partitions.

Chris 01/11/2020
5 engines (f.ex. Avg, Avast) detected PUP/malware. Download from here:


Steve Si 01/11/2020
If you know about viruses and antivirus programs, you would know that these are called 'false positives'. I cannot be held responsible for sloppy antivirus programs which give incorrect reports! Programs on FossHub are virus free. Do you think they would allow over 750,000 downloads if it really had a virus? Don't you think thousands of people would be complaining? Use your brain!
P.S. A PUP is not a virus!

Easy2boot with 3rd partition for backups

Hugo 30/10/2020
Hello, i already prepared a usb drive with e2b, and some payloads in iso and imgn, i have two partitions for legacy and uefi boot, all going well. What i need now is a 3rd partition to make backups, so i can use a all in one pendrive, for live tools booting, backup, etc. i created a pendrive with 3 partitions, but every time i use switch e2b to boot imgn images, all the partitions are deleted. how can i do this maintaining the 3rd partition ???

Re: Easy2boot with 3rd partition for backups

Steve Si 30/10/2020
Simply rename the file extension to .imgPTN23.

WinXP installer calls for optical disk

Michael 13/10/2020
I am trying to install Windows XP on an old Lenovo system, and I am greeted by this message whenever I reach part 2 of the installation:
There is an optical drive in the system, but I get the prompt even when I disconnect it. How do I get past it?
Oh, and I should mention that the prompt makes the PC completely unresponsive, so I cant just click 'continue'.

Re: WinXP installer calls for optical disk

Steve Si 14/10/2020
Not seen that before. Maybe you have another 'removable' disk connected such as an SD card adaptor? Try disconnecting ALL drives except the one you are installing to.

IsVolOnDrive error

Bob Babcock 07/10/2020
I just discovered that having Google Drive File Stream active can trigger IsVolOnDrive errors when creating a new key. Exiting from File Stream and starting over fixes it. Your FAQ lists antivirus as a possible cause of this error, this seems to be another.

Re: IsVolOnDrive error

Steve Si 07/10/2020
Do you mean you are running the E2B maker from a folder which is backed up to Google Drive - or you are running the E2B maker from the Desktop folder which is not backed up to Google Drive?

Re: Re: IsVolOnDrive error

Bob Babcock 07/10/2020
The E2B maker is run from the C drive, nothing special. With drive file stream (not backup and sync) nothing is backed up automatically. It creates a drive letter that looks like you have mounted google drive as a network drive, but underneath it's probably more complicated than that. I'd guess that you run through drive letters looking for the E2B drive and the system call you use fails on the virtual drive file stream creates. I wonder if configuring file stream to use a drive letter after the USB key would make the error go away?

Anyway, the important thing is that temporarily turning off drive stream makes the error message go away. Also, the error may be harmless; the creation process seems to finish successfully. But since the time consuming next step is copying 30GB onto the key, it's nice to not have any error messages at the start.

Re: Re: Re: IsVolOnDrive error

Steve Si 07/10/2020
I have only seen this error message when using the LockDismount.exe app. This app is called within the .cmd file and is only executed on the USB drive (the USB physical drive number is specified) - so I am not sure why you are seeing the error unless Google Drive is for some reason holding a file open on the USB drive and thus preventing it from being locked.

Re: Re: Re: Re: IsVolOnDrive error

Shane 19/07/2021
I know this thread is old but for what it's worth I can confirm this issue also occurred for me and temporarily disabling G drive sync allowed completion without error -LockDismount error:IsVolOnDrive. It would complete if error occurred too but nice to not have error.


Martin 20/09/2020
E2B 2.05 and agFM 1.59 + Ventoy 1.0.21.
Can you tell me where I can insert ventoy.json?

Re: ventoy.json

Steve Si 20/09/2020
All ventoy documentation is on ventoy website.
ptn1: \ventoy\ventoy.json is the correct location.

Re: Re: ventoy.json

Martin 20/09/2020
Yes thanks.
I think your answer refers to a drive created with Ventoy2Disk.exe
I try to insert the ventoy.json in the combination E2B + agFM + Ventoy in the right place so that it works. UEFI boot agFM > Ventoy > F5: Check plugin json configuration.
Plugin json file /ventoy/ventoy.json does not exist.
In the Ventoy documentation I will not find anything about the combination E2B + agFM + Ventoy.

Re: Re: Re: ventoy.json

Steve Si 20/09/2020
Partition 1 is the NTFS partition.
The \ventoy folder does not exist - you have to create it and create the ventoy.json file too.

Ebook title suggestions

Habib 14/09/2020
you write good Ebooks.
This is Suggestion of new ebook title from naive person:
1) spy USB
2) creating forensics USB
3) Automating tasks with USB

Re: Ebook title suggestions

Habib 14/09/2020

4) Artificial intelligence with USB

Error while making E2B drive

Michael 13/09/2020
Every time I try to make an E2B drive, I get this error message:
In case the link does not work, the error message says 'File creation error - The system cannot find the path specified'. I have tried to use thumb drives from a few different makers, so I am fairly certain that it is not just a defective drive.
Have you got any idea what I am doing wrong?

Re: Error while making E2B drive

Steve Si 13/09/2020
The files are simply copied to the USB drive, so I would guess you either have a faulty USB drive or perhaps your antivirus software is blocking the file copy?
Do you have a \_ISO folder on the USB drive?
There should be an Easy2Boot folder on your PC Desktop - try copying the contents of that folder to the USB drive.

Re: Re: Error while making E2B drive

Michael 15/09/2020
Ok, I deleted Malwarebytes and rolled Windows Defender back as far as I could, but I still get the error. Also I have tried about a dusin different thumb drives both new and old from different manufacturers, but none of them worked.
Is there any other reason why this error could occur?

Re: Re: Re: Error while making E2B drive

Steve Si 15/09/2020
Something is blocking writes. Use Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) to view all running programs. Look for any sort of 'Acronis', 'protection', 'security', 'malware', 'ransom' type protection programs.
Since 100,000 people use E2B and you can watch 100's of videos on people installing E2B, your system obviously has something installed which is blocking writes.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Error while making E2B drive

Michael 15/09/2020
Got it! There was a remnant of Malwarebytes hiding around which I removed, and on top of that I noticed that I had E2B 2.04, so I downloaded 2.05 and everything worked as it should.
I can't wait to get started using this wonderful tool, thank you for your work.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Error while making E2B drive

Steve Si 15/09/2020
Great! free online chat is available if you have any problems + 100's pages on website + blog + YT vids + eBooks ;-)

cannot boot to ventoy

Habib 12/09/2020
after adding drag and drop the file to the batch file. receive an error
error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format

Re: cannot boot to ventoy

Steve Si 12/09/2020
Are you selecting the Ventoy menu entry from the Easy2Boot main menu?
What sizes are the 1st and 2nd partition of the E2B USB drive?
Did you test using \QEMU_MENU_TEST.cmd? If that works and a real system does not, then maybe you have a large 1st partition and a BIOS with the 128GiB bug?
Try latest agFM (run Update_E2B_USB_drive.cmd).

E2B+agFM now supports Ventoy

Steve Si 10/09/2020
Just a 'heads-up' to say that the latest version of E2B is now 2.05 and agFM is 1.57.
You can now add Ventoy to the second partition (using the Add_Ventoy.cmd batch file) and so can MBR-boot and UEFI64-boot to Ventoy.
Also, because you can Secure UEFI64-boot to agFM first, you can then load Ventoy from a Secure Boot.
eBook #4 has also been updated.

great idea, good video , but

tsunami 03/09/2020
Dear all,
I used Ubuntu sticks before. Worked fine. Although I am a newbee in Linux. The basic idea first is, to have a portable office. Email, wp, ss independent from PC.
Now with uefi, nothings works. Afters hours of searching and trying, I found your page. Worked through the video. Now on legacy everything is fine. Then trying the same stick on uefi and everything is different: The menu, the structure... and the main thing: there isn't a persistent LINUX at all. Ubuntu, yes, but only temp os. Any idea how to fix it?

Re: great idea, good video , but

Steve Si 03/09/2020
If you UEFI-boot then you will be booting to the agFM menu system. See
You can have persistence with a Ubuntu ISO. You need to create a persistence file and rename the Ubuntu ISO file extension to .isopersist. See eBook #4 if you need more help. You can have multiple ISOs with multiple persistence files.

Website Clarity

Steve B 01/09/2020
Have you considered getting a single person to proofread and re-write your webpages? The guidance is more like a multi-user forum extract than a reasoned technical guidance. It is almost impossible to follow any of the guidance and hence the large number of people who simply cannot get results with the tools you promote! For example, in the section for How to UEFI install Win 7, within a few paragraphs there is advice to use three separate tools for preparing the partitions, but no actual guidance in any of them on exactly what partitioning should be done. That is ridiculous! I'm sure these tools would be a boon to anybody, if only it was possible to clearly understand what your trying to tell us to do.

Re: Website Clarity

Steve Si 01/09/2020
Are you referring to ?
I can't see much about 'partitioning' in that page - only about preparing a .imgPTN partition image.
If you are interested in Win7 install from ISO using UEFI64, then the easiest way now is:
1. Prepare a E2B USB drive + agFM using the download.
2. Add your Windows 7 64-bit ISO to \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN7 folder
3. UEFI64-boot to the E2B USB drive - select the Win7 ISO file - select the 'Windows ISO' option and boot to Win7 Setup.
Note that Win7 does not support USB 3 or newer USB chipsets however and will only work with older systems (unless you add drivers to the ISO file).
eBooks with full details and Exercises to follow are available ;-)

Unable to format USB

John 12/08/2020
I keep getting this message. I tried different computers, USB sticks, but still the same. Please help.

Re: Unable to format USB

Steve Si 12/08/2020
Either your USB drive is faulty (or fake) or your antivirus is blocking writes to the USB drive.

Re: Re: Unable to format USB

John 14/08/2020
Hi. My usb is 100% fine. I got it to work on a 32GB USB but not the 2 x 128GB USB that I have. I get a new error "Can't write". I'm sure all my antivirus are off.

Re: Re: Re: Unable to format USB

Steve Si 14/08/2020
1. Install E2B to 32GB USB drive NOW (i.e. with current AV/BitDefender/Windows updates).
2. Install E2B to 128GB USB drive
If 1 passes and 2 fails, then clearly the 128GB drive is faulty. If 1 fails, then clearly something is blocking writes to the USB drive.


S. Montano 05/08/2020
Contrary to what is stated in ebook#1, WSCC did in fact install all of the selected utilities onto my local system, despite running it from the USB drive as instructed. If someone can tell me how to undo this action, id appreciate. There is no obvious uninstall, and the entries do not appear in my installed software list.


ms.1304 06/08/2020
WSCC does not install anything. The files downloaded are stored under C:\Users\XX\AppData\Roaming\wscc\
filed. I use this version and it works:

E2B booted using Plop but GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers doesn't install

EoflaOE 03/08/2020
I have used Plop to boot to E2B because my old computer's BIOS doesn't even recognize my stick as USB HDD; it recognizes it as USB RMD-FDD and fails to boot to E2B properly. By the way, it's KT4AV MS-6712, and the stick has FlashBoot installed if it helps.

Apparently, using Plop made the USB boot successfully to the boot menu, and the entries work except the Hiren's Boot CD because all menu entries lead to "No device found." So I've discovered an option called "Install fast GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers," and the description says to install it if I have booted to USB using Plop or if the USB is bigger than 137GB. My stick is only 8GB.

As soon as I clicked on that option, it fails to install, saying "Error 81. No USB device found. USB drive enumeration failed. Try to restart." It would get stuck there. The problem is that I have inserted the stick, so it should detect that.

What should I do to ensure that the GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers install successfully?

Re: E2B booted using Plop but GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers doesn't install

Steve Si 03/08/2020
Plop provides a read-only USB 2 driver and so it is not suitable for Easy2Boot because write access is required. The grub4dos USB 2 driver option that you found (can also just hold down SHIFT key as E2B boots) only supports a sub-set of USB chipsets - obviously your USB chipset is not supported :-(
Some BIOSes will recognise larger USB drives as USB HDD type if they have two primary partitions.
P.S. Try also Ventoy which does not need a write-enabled drive?

Re: Re: E2B booted using Plop but GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers doesn't install

EoflaOE 03/08/2020
Thanks! I will consider looking at Ventoy and see if it works on my old computer. However, I will keep checking E2B for updates. I hope that someday, GRUB4DOS will support my KT4AV MS-6712's USB chipset, but I will make sure to request my motherboard's USB chipset support for GRUB4DOS. Also, I hope that my BIOS will not struggle with Ventoy and GRUB2.

Force iso to be fragged for testing

wssddc 02/08/2020
I know that some ISOs work even if fragmented while others do not. Is there a straightforward way to force an ISO to be fragmented for testing? I realize this is backwards from the usual need to defragment. I populate a new key with a script and I would like to copy the ones that must be contiguous first, and then defrag before copying others.

Re: Force iso to be fragged for testing

Steve Si 02/08/2020
If you make a new USB drive or reformat the USB drive, then all the files that you copy to it will be contiguous. You only get non-contiguous files once you start filling and deleting files from the USB drive.
Another way to get fragmented files is to directly download ISOs from the internet onto your USB drive - always download the ISO to your internal disk first and then copy the ISO to the USB drive. Downloading a file will usually cause the file to be highly fragmented!

Re: Re: Force iso to be fragged for testing

wssddc 03/08/2020
The problem arises when there are new versions of existing ISOs to be copied. I delete the old versions and run the same script with xcopy /d so unchanged ISOs are untouched. The new ISOs are likely to be larger and maybe trigger fragmentation. Rebuilding the key from scratch or booting and seeing if there are complaints about fragmentation are both time consuming. I'd like to know as soon as possible if I have to fix the key. It's worse these days because I'm working from home and passing the updates to someone who is in the office and has no experience with making bootable keys.

Re: Re: Re: Force iso to be fragged for testing

Steve Si 03/08/2020
After copying all new files to the USB drive, you just double-click on \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd.
If that doesn't work then you need to ensure you have plenty of free space on the first partition (to make a 3GB file contiguous you will need approx 4GB of free space) - or buy a bigger USB drive.
You can use the Windows program defraggler.exe to make individual files contiguous (right-click on the file) and this can often work when MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd fails to work because it does not have enough free CONTIGUOUS space on the drive. Anyone who makes a fresh E2B drive and then copies files to it will have no problems with non-contiguous files - all the files will be contiguous. You only get non-contiguous files once you start DELETING files - e.g. if you have 100GB partition, once you copy 100GB of files to the partition (even if you deleted some of the files at some point), then you will start to get fragmented files.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Force iso to be fragged for testing

Steve Si 06/11/2020
P.S. One way to make a fragmented file for test purposes is to use the Windows command shell:
copy /b big.iso + small.txt big_fragmented.iso
small.txt should just be any file of a few bytes in size. The ISO should still be bootable too.
WinContig can be run from the command line, so you could run it after the xcopy has finished to check. Typically, linux ISOs should be contiguous and simple Windows ISOs do not need to be contiguous.

Surface Book 3

Joel 26/06/2020
Hi all... I'm Having trouble using easy to boot on a surface book 3. All went fine with the surface book 2. I already disabled secure boot, because I remembered, that this was the problem last time with the surface book 2 devices. I think it detects the stick and boots when I boot to USB (holding volume down down + pressing power button) then the black and white windows logo shows up and the big red bar and the unlocked symbol in it. in the top left corner I see one dot, where usually would start the whole process and it looks like it is being blocked. I also disabled bitlocker.

Re: Surface Book 3

Steve Si 26/06/2020
The Kaspersky shim \efi\boot\bootx64.efi may be blacklisted by the BIOS. First do a Windows 10 Update to ensure it has latest KB updates.
If still problems, replace the EFI file as detailed on the a1ive grub2 File Manager page on this site.

Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Joel 29/06/2020
Hi Steve
Thanks for the reply. I replaced the Files as described. I even did it manually. The version of E2B is 2.04 and agfm is 1.55. Still being blocked although secure boot is off.

Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Steve Si 29/06/2020
From the BIOS manual...
Advanced Device Security
This option lets you disable ports and features you don’t want anyone to use.
The current setting appears in bold. Select Advanced Device Security and select the option you want:
Note: Selecting Side USB disables the ability to boot from a USB device. The USB port remains enabled in Windows.
Could that be the issue?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Joel 21/07/2020
Hmmm... This shouldn't be the problem, because the surface book 3 gets stuck when the USB-Stick is plugged in, so it is booting from the USB-stick but the script is being blocked, not? But I'll soon check these settings and get back to You

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Joel 29/07/2020
Well I can confirm now that the USB Slot was definitively activated, so the UEFI must somehow block the script

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Steve Si 29/07/2020
I found by Googling someone said 'use the recovery option in settings and selecting "Use a device" - this allowed me to easily boot to usb.'
Also found this:
Apparently you may need to use a volume name of BOOTME for the 2nd? partition?
I presume that the issue you describe is ONLY found on your Surface Book 3?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Steve Si 29/07/2020
Specific boot order for Surface Book 3 needed ??

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Joël 04/08/2020
Yeah only surface book 3 has the problem

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Joël 04/08/2020
Btw... You mentioned:
"The Kaspersky shim \efi\boot\bootx64.efi may be blacklisted by the BIOS. First do a Windows 10 Update to ensure it has latest KB updates.

Read more:"

Do You mean the actual Windows 10 Updates or BIOS Updates? How would the missing Windows 10 Update have any influence over something, that happens before system boot?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Steve Si 04/08/2020
Because the databases (db and dbx) in the UEFI firmware are updateable (read/write EEPROM). Linux, Windows, etc. can add/delete dbx entries, add boot entries, change the UEFI boot order, etc. because there is a software interface (API) defined. So a Windows Update (KB) can modify the UEFI blacklist, etc.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surface Book 3

Joel 11/08/2020
Hi Steve
Yeah I just realized this today as a Surface Book 2 was doing a firmware update :) I'll try this with the updates. thanks for the input.

iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 13/06/2020
Hi there, my question is the following: I have an iso from windows 7 professional 64 bits, and in legacy it starts correctly, and it gives me the option to repair equipment (which is what matters most to me right now), but when I launch it from efi (I have Easy2Boot_v2.03_DPMS), it gives me errors ...

error: failed to boot vdisk ..
using map ..
error: failed to boot vdisk ..
failed: press a key to continue

What I want is to launch that iso of w7x64 professional from efi, and be able to repair equipment
from command line to recover boot boot ...
Some help?
Thank you...

Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Steve Si 13/06/2020
A standard Microsoft Win 7 ISO UEFI64-boots OK for me.
The standard Microsoft Windows 7 ISO does not contain the standard \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI boot file which is required to boot from non-CD media like hard drives and USB drives.
You can either find a Win8/10 ISO, extract the file from it using 7zip and then add the file into the Win7 ISO using a utility like PowerISO or ISOBuster, or make a .imgPTN23 file from the ISO using the MPI Tool Kit. This will usually add-in the file for you, but if it does not, you can add it in yourself.

Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 13/06/2020
Thank you very much for your answer, I have tried and it has not worked, I have copied the file and mounted with ultraiso ..., and it keeps giving me the same errors
I have even added boot.wim and install.wim of that iso in another iso that yes is efi booteable (the one that fails me is udf booteable), to see if it succeeded but when booting it gives me error file: \ winedows \ system32 \ boot \ winload.efi
status: 0xc000000f
missing or corrupt

The problem is that I have an iso w7 that does boot with efi, but when it repairs it tells me that it is not the installed version of windows
And the iso that if you let me repair let me repair in legacy, but in efi it gives me those errors ...
Can you convert a bootable iso udf to bootable efi ??
Or some other possibility?
Where would be the tools to create an imgptn ???
Thank you so much for your help

Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Steve Si 13/06/2020
\windows\system32\boot\winload.efi missing or corrupt implies that the boot.wim of the win7 ISO does not contain EFI boot files.
Either you are using the 32-bit version which does not support UEFI or you are not using an official Microsoft Win7 64-bit ISO.
To use a .imgPTN file, see the MPI Tool Kit page.
P.S. Note that Win7 UEFI 64bit is not supported by Virtual Box - you must test using a real system. I tried an official Win7 MS ISO using agFM and UEFI64 and it boots OK.
Also note that Windows 7 ISOs do not contain modern USB drivers and so will only work on older USB 2 systems.
A standard MS Win7 ISO boots OK from agFM via UEFI64 on my old systems.

Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 14/06/2020
Thank you again for the answers and help, I will try to change the boot wim from the iso that works for me in uefi to the one that does not work for me, I will integrate it with ultra iso and I will test.
Regarding imptn, I have carried out tests, but I must have done something wrong, I have transformed the iso to imptn, but it has "transformed the pendrive", to an iso windows 7 and I have had to generate it again.

I've been looking for a long time for an official iso windows 7 professional x64 svpk1, in Spanish or multilanguage, and I can't find it, much less updated ...
As for the usb 3.1, I integrate them into the iso and reassemble it, and so I can install windows 7 on eighth and ninth generation coffee lake equipment, which is my goal for example (hp 800 g4 sff), and thus be able to generate a sysprep for other computers.
All the tests I'm doing, adding the iso in the windows 7 folder of the usb e2b ..., against a physical computer with windows 7 with usbs 3.1.
How is starting from agfm ???, I don't understand?
All my objective is to get the iso with windows 7 that I have svpk 1 professional, allow me at work, to recover a corrupt boot and regenerate the boot boot from the command line, booting the iso from uefi of the pendrive with e2b, with legacy works correctly, but with efi I still can't get it ...
Could you pass me a link to an official iso windows 7 professional x64 bit Spanish (or at least multi-brand?) Since I can't find it ...
Again a thousand thanks for the help and answers

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Steve Si 14/06/2020
I did a Google search for Win 7 x64 spanish and found
x17-58868.iso is the Spanish Win 7 SP1 x64 I think.
.imgPTN files are partition images. If you switch one in, it replaces the first partition. You should use an extensions of .imgPTN23 if you are using agFM. To switch back in the original E2B partition, boot to the second agFM partition using the BIOS Boot Selection menu and 'Restore E2B partitions'.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 14/06/2020
Thank you very much again for the help, the download link is offline ...

Nothing, I give up for now, all the isos that I have tried, combining, install win, in legacy they work for me, but in efi, either they are not the same that I have installed on the computers or it gives the error reported in the message above, when loading the vim into efi ...
A greeting.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Steve Si 15/06/2020
Download link works fine. I downloaded the ISO easily.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 17/06/2020
Thanks again for the help, from that link I will download it and try ...
You could put or generate an xml, in w7, or w10, to only repair
no installation just repair to access command line options to recover a boot sector?

I have got a usb, which sends us special hp and I want to try to integrate the usb 3.1 into it, but I would need an xml, in which it allows only repair, could it be done?
Thank you

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 17/06/2020
Hello, again, I have been able to download the iso version of the link, it loads correctly from uefi, and I get to the equipment repair option, and then it tells me that (this version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version installed windows that I try to repair ...

And the version that I have and if it is compatible to repair, even putting the file \ EFI \ BOOT \ BOOTX64.EFI
from a windows 10 iso, when i boot with the first efi option (boot iso (partnew / easyboot) .isodef)
it gives me an error failed to vdisk
using map ...
error failed to boot disk
press a key to continue

and with that image in legacy if it allows me to get to repair equipment and load recovery options
boot, command line, etc ...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 17/06/2020
Another difference that I have seen is that when I open the iso that give me an error with ultraiso it marks me as (udf booteable), those that fail me when mounting the vdi disk

And the one that I have downloaded that does load the vdi, but it does not allow me to access to repair equipment because it is not compatible, it marks the ultra iso as (bootable efi)

Could I convert an iso from udf bootable to efi bootable with some software ???

PS: The image you have given me of the link and marks me as bootable efi does not have the file \ EFI \ BOOT \ BOOTX64.EFI
And it starts correctly with the first option of efi

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Steve Si 17/06/2020
Are you sure that the system hard disk is a GPT disk and boots via UEFI.
If you MBR boot you can only repair an OS that legacy boots. if you UEFI-boot, you can only repair a disk that UEFI boots and has GPT partitions.
Why not boot to WinPE shell and run Diskpart and check the disk - DISKPART - LIST DISK - SEL DISK 0 - LIST PART - LIST VOL - DETAIL DISK- EXIT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 18/06/2020
After so many laps, you may be right, and you are trying to recover by uefi a system that is in mbr ...

I will confirm it tomorrow, it may be that I was trying to recover using uefi, an operating system that has a mbr partition and as you say, and we would close this question ...

Thank you very much for your patience and help again.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

kike 19/06/2020
Indeed, the partitions are with mbr, with which you are right ....
The question, that I would stay now is if there is any iso from w7, that uefi can be installed ...

Thanks for your help and patience

Oduvan4ikRige Down

Oduvan4ikRige 31/07/2021
Error 523 <a href=>origin is unreachable</a>

How do I make a imgPTN file out of Pop! OS?

Rick 09/06/2020
I tried to make an UEFI bootable image out of Pop! OS iso file.
But something went wrong with symbolic links, it just fails to create symbolic link every time.

Re: How do I make a imgPTN file out of Pop! OS?

Steve Si 09/06/2020
7zip cannot handle links in ISOs maybe?
You can use IsoBuster to extract the contents to a folder and then drag-and-drop the folder onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut to make a .imgPTN23 file. You can also try 7Zip (right-click on the ISO in Explorer and choose 7Zip - # instead of the default 7Zip entry).
PopOS ISO UEFI64-boots fine directly from the ISO file if you UEFI-boot to agFM.
Otherwise, make a blank PopOS.imgPTN file and PopOS. file and install a full PopOS onto them so you can boot a full PopOS.
Look on for 'full install' blog articles for hints.

how to shutdown from live-cd

VincentK 08/06/2020
I'm using an iso file from a Ubuntu 20.04 live-cd.
I need this ubuntu version because it's better compatible withe the built-in microphone of my laptop. I boot by UEFI due to agFM. But i see that shutdown feature always fail. It hangs on umounting isodevice which always fail. So I need to hold down power button.

Re: how to shutdown from live-cd

Steve Si 08/06/2020
You can add the kernel parameter noeject to the kernel command line.
Select ISO - select .isodef entry - get Ubuntu menu - press e for edit - add noeject before the quiet word - press F10 to boot.
Because it is LiveCD boot, switching off will do not harm anyway.

Re: Re: how to shutdown from live-cd

VincentK 08/06/2020
Well, I'm making persistence so my file is labelled isopersist and don't have ubuntu menu. How can I change kernel parameter without isodef ?

Re: Re: Re: how to shutdown from live-cd

Steve Si 08/06/2020
You will have to make a .mnu file.
See sample mnu files for Linux Ubuntu+persistence

Re: Re: Re: Re: how to shutdown from live-cd

VincentK 08/06/2020
Well I did it but now the payload doesn't start.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: how to shutdown from live-cd

Steve Si 08/06/2020
The usual problem is that the persistence file is corrupt. Use the same mnu file but rename the persistence file so it is not used. If it boots OK, then it proves the persistence file is corrupt. Use ext3 or ext4 for the persistence file (not ext2).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: how to shutdown from live-cd

VincentK 08/06/2020
I tried but it's same.
I will send you a snapshot by email
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