Unable to boot sedutil *.img images


I have a problem !

I used Win32DiskImager and burned successfully two images:

1) UEFI64_Debug.img
2) Rescue.img

downloaded from


onto my USB Pendrive #2, and they both successfully booted in UEFI mode.

You may read more about the images here:

https://github.com/Drive-Trust-Alliance/sedutil/wiki/Test-the-PBA (UEFI64_Debug.img)
https://github.com/Drive-Trust-Alliance/sedutil/wiki/Test-the-Rescue-system (Rescue.img)

Now what I want is to add the images to my main Easy2Boot USB Pendrive #1 as I always have all boot things on a single pendrive.

First try was simply to put the *.img images into Easy2Boot USB Pendrive #1\_ISO\LINUX folder (just out of curiosity and for test purposes as I already know they are UEFI images and won't boot this way), thus as I expected, they both didn't boot, I got a black screen with a char indicator flashing in left-top corner of the screen and I had to reset the computer.

Another try was a proper way, to convert the *.img images to *.imgPTN format.
I made it by program "MakePartImage_AutoRun_FAT32.cmd" from the tool "MPI_Tool_Pack_Plus_CloverLite_064".
I made all strongly with instructions from ReadMe.txt file (except I didn't convert the *.img to *.iso first, but another time I converted to *.iso, and that made no difference) Result was: successfully!
Then I used "SWITCH_E2B.exe" to enable the UEFI images on my Easy2Boot USB Pendrive #1 and rebooted the computer but again they fails to boot, the one image just don't even boot, nothing happens, and just the OS boots as usual, and the another one boot to CSM menu (and when I choose boot from current image as MBR) the same thing happens like in "First try", I got a black screen with a char indicator flashing in left-top corner of the screen and the USB Pendrive flashing to infinity and I had to reset the computer.

Perhaps the images require some special settings to get booting?

Please, help!

Marcinoo 04/05/2016

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