Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: error 13 for ancient Linux

In the source I have partition /boot with all files: vmlinux-2.4.7-10, etc.
I have the directory "grub" with all files: grub.conf, etc.
The version of grub is 0.90.

I think "mkisofs" doesn't make simple copy.
I looked in image by command "od -x rh24b-mkisofs.iso | more" and saw: first 446 bytes are not zeroes.
(But in DD-image they are zeroes. Command "dd" makes just a copy.)

File "rh24b-mkisofs.imgPTN" was made from this source: "rh24b-mkisofs.iso".

Do you mean I should make the .imgPTN from "/dev/hdb1", not from file "rh24b-mkisofs.iso"?
torrvic 28/04/2016

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