Method 5 - NTFS UEFI

Hi Steve,
from e2b website, i found a method that we can use NTFS for UEFI.
After following your method5, UEFI boot fine but I get grub2 command instead of loading grub.cfg file
Can you tell me which step i did wrong

- Create 2 partition, one Fat32, one NTFS
- Copy EFI 2 go files to FAT32 partition
- Swap to NTFS by RMPrep
- Copy all contents of E2B to here
- install g4d to MBR and PBR by RMPrep
- Make imgPTN then rename to imgPTNlba23
- Swith to imgPTN by Switch USB.exe
- Boot to UEFI machine
zhuanglee 04/03/2016

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