Bespoke design service

If you would like me to design an Easy2Boot theme for you or you require certain payloads or you would like help with your E2B project, then please contact me to discuss your requirements.
An initial estimate will be in US dollars (initial deposit 50%, returnable) - the final amount payable will depend on the amount of time and changes that are required. The more detailed and specific you are, the more accurate will be the initial estimate!
If required, written instructions on how to maintain your theme/payloads will also be supplied after completion.
You can use the online chat facility or email me at any time during or after completion.
You will need to provide me with all graphics\wallpapers\artwork\GIFs, etc. (or the download URLs).
You must supply/translate any non-English text (if required) as I only speak English.
Some example details are listed below:


  1. Menu size 800x600 (recommended) or 1024x768
  2. grub4dos password (can be encrypted)
  3. Menu entry password (can be encrypted)
  4. Specify font
  5. Startup wallpaper + startup STAMP(s) or startup text banner
  6. MainMenu wallpaper  + startup STAMP(s)
  7. Different wallpaper for each menu  + startup STAMP(s)
  8. Add animated GIF to play on menus
  9. Show wallpaper as early as possible and overlay startup messages
  10. Disable enumeration messages
  11. Menu size/position/colours
  12. Use one single menu (no sub-menus)
  13. Use large font size (English only)
  14. Use small BIOS fonts for fast loading (English only)
  15. Use text mode (no wallpapers or STAMPs, etc.) for fast menu system
  16. Bespoke Main Menu Heading
  17. Use STAMPs as menu headings (can use any font/size)
  18. Bespoke Footer text
  19. Centred headings
  20. Centred menu entries
  21. Do not number menu entries
  22. Do not show selection arrow on menu
  23. Beep when menu is loaded
  24. Play tune when main menu loads
  25. Do not display certain menus and menu entries (e.g. F1, F7-F10, etc.)
  26. Suppress grub4dos boot messages
  27. Use background highlight (short or long line) for selected menu entry
  28. Enable FASTLOAD
  29. Write any text string onto wallpaper
  30. Language and Keyboard type (or menu on startup to choose from a selection)
  31. Master Password entry before MainMenu will load (can have different wallpaper or STAMP displayed for this)
  32. Monthly PIN Code as Master Password
  33. Expiry date (reboots/shutdown/self-destruct)
  34. Clone protect (will only work on USB drive of exactly the same size)
  35. Global hotkeys for certain functions (e.g. run a payload, etc.)
  36. Guest Menu system

Payloads, etc.

  1. Specific payloads
  2. LiveCD ISOs + persistence (specify size)
  3. Full linux OS's
  4. UEFI payloads
  5. Add new sub-menu folders
  6. Create Windows Install XML file for specific installs
  7. Text-based help file (.help)
  8. Menu-based help file (similar to F1 help file)

Bespoke Design

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