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Note: Ventoy v1.0.28 (2020-11-13) has been deliberately prevented from running on an E2B USB drive by the developer - so you must use Ventoy v1.0.27 for UEFI64 using the Alternative Method detailed below. See my blog for more details.
If you wish, you can add Ventoy to the E2B USB drive for both MBR\Legacy+UEFI64 booting and Secure Boot UEFI64.
By adding Ventoy to E2B+agFM it allows us to Secure UEFI64-boot to Ventoy via agFM. Mok Manager is not required.

To add the latest Ventoy

Note: The latest version of Ventoy does not run on an E2B USB drive! See Alternative Method below and use Ventoy 1.0.27!

To download and add the latest version of Ventoy, go to the second partition where the agFM EFI boot files are located and double-click on the file:

Ptn2: \e2b\Update agFM\Update_to_latest_Ventoy_version.cmd

Internet access is required.

The .cmd script will first access the Ventoy github depository, then download the latest version zip file, unpack the files, download and add the MBR boot file core.img and then copy the files to partition #2 of the USB drive.

agFM version 1.60 or later is required.

Depending on the grub2 menu theme used, the F5 hotkey in the agFM menu system will run Ventoy.

Alternative method

You can add or change the version of Ventoy as follows:

  1. Update your E2B+agFM USB drive to E2B v2.05 or later if required.
  2. Download the  Ventoy Windows .zip file from the Ventoy depository (v1.0.27 is the last unblocked version - later versions will not run from an E2B USB drive!)
  3. Drag-and-drop the Ventoy .zip file onto the  \e2b\Update agFM\Add_Ventoy.cmd file on your E2B drive (in the agFM partition 2).
  4. An older (unblocked) version of core.img file will need to replace the new version. You can directly download an older (unblocked) version of core.img from here. The core.img file should be extracted from the .zip file and placed in the \ventoy folder on Partition 2 to support MBR\Legacy booting.

Windows 10 is required if you are using an E2B USB Flash drive because only Win10 can access Partition 2 of a flash drive.

The file \ventoy\core.img is not present inside the .zip file but it is required for MBR\Legacy booting via the E2B menu system. The current latest version of core.img will be automatically downloaded from the Ventoy GitHub project binary folder by the .cmd script. However, the current version now blocks E2B from working!

If you are not online, you can download the current core.img file from and add it to the agFM Partition 2 \ventoy folder. You can directly download an older (unblocked) version of core.img from here. The core.img file should be extracted from the .zip file and placed in the \ventoy folder on Partition 2 to support MBR\Legacy booting (even of Legacy Ventoy v1.0.28 or later).

Windows XP/7/8 users can first switch to the 2nd partition (using Switch_E2B.exe - 'Access partition 2 on Removable drive' button) and then drag-and-drop the downloaded Ventoy .zip file onto the \e2b\Update agFM\Add_Ventoy.cmd file. Don't forget to switch back partitions 1 and 2 afterwards using the same button in Switch_E2B.exe!

Instructions for using Ventoy and the Ventoy menu system are on the Ventoy website.
PLEASE NOTE: Payload files in Ventoy must have NO SPACES IN THE FILENAME.
It is a major limitation of Ventoy!


Comparison agFM v. Ventoy

Feature agFM Ventoy
Switch in .imgPTN files YES NO
Boot WinBuilder WinPE ISOs YES NO
Easy selection of XML files for Windows Install ISOs YES NO
Secure UEFI64 boot YES only via Mok Manager*
UEFI32 boot YES NO
Files can contain spaces YES NO
Generic method of booting of Linux ISOs YES NO
Use specific file extension to boot in different way YES NO
Boot DOS images YES NO
Secure UEFI64-boot non-secure payloads YES     NO
USB drive can be write-protected NO YES
ISO boot speed MEDIUM FAST
Password protect ISOs YES NO
















* If you first Secure UEFI64-boot to agFM then you can boot to Ventoy without needing to use Mok Manager.


agFM also support different languages and keyboard types.

E2B+agFM also supports SDI_CHOCO  automated Windows install from ISO, UtilMan Hack, MemTest86, etc.

If you find a bug with agFM, please contact me.

If you find a bug in Ventoy, please contact

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