Note: The latest version of SWITCH_E2B (v1.09+) will perform a similar function to MOVE_IMGPTN when a .imgPTN file is selected. You may need several attempts before the files are correctly positioned.
The MOVE_IMGPTN Windows script can be used to re-order a pair of contiguous partition images of the same name, i.e. one with a file extension and one without a file extension - e.g. 
Win81.imgPTN   <-- this file should be located on the E2B USB drive before the other file.
Typically, we use two partition images when we have >4GB files and want to UEFI-boot. We need a FAT32 partition for the UEFI-boot files, but we need an NTFS partition to store the large >4GB files,
Tip: Use RMPrepUSB - Drive Info - 0 to view the partition table.

However, for many UEFI systems, if any of the MBR partition table start values are out-of-order (start position of partitions) then you may not get any UEFI boot options listed for that drive (see Examples 1 and 2) - e.g. Asus Z87

Example 1: No UEFI boot option is displayed by firmware - BAD
TABLE SLOT 1: FAT32 Start=8,194,236 (xxxx.imgPTN)
TABLE SLOT 2: NTFS  Start=4,234,556  (xxxx)
TABLE SLOT 3: empty
TABLE SLOT 4: empty
Example 2: No UEFI boot option is displayed by firmware - BAD
TABLE SLOT 1: NTFS  Start=8,194,236 (xxxx.imgPTN)
TABLE SLOT 2: FAT32 Start=4,234,556  (xxxx)
TABLE SLOT 3: empty
TABLE SLOT 4: empty
Example 3: UEFI boot option is displayed by firmware - OK
TABLE SLOT 1: NTFS  Start=4,234,556  (xxxx.imgPTN)
TABLE SLOT 2: empty
TABLE SLOT 3: FAT32 Start=8,194,236 (xxxx)
TABLE SLOT 4: empty
For UEFI booting, the .imgPTN file (which is always in TABLE SLOT 1) needs to be positioned on the E2B disk before the file with no file extension (which always is in TABLE SLOT 3), otherwise the UEFI boot option may not be listed by the UEFI firmware.
The Windows cmd file script MOVE_IMGPTN.cmd will check the position of the two partition image files and attempt to move them if the .imgPTN is positioned on the E2B USB drive after the file that has no file extension.

How to set up MOVE_IMGPTN

Read and follow the instructions in the \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\MOVE_IMGPTN\ReadMe.txt file (E2B v1.77+)
You must make a shortcut that will run with administrator rights.

How to use MOVE_IMGPTN

The E2B USB drive should be in it's normal E2B Menu mode so you can see the .imgPTN files.
1. Run \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd from the target E2B USB drive
2.Drag-and-drop the xxxx.imgPTN file onto the MOVE_IMGPTN administrator shortcut and press [ENTER] if required.
Look for a green=PASS screen on completion.
The two files must be contiguous. If you are warned by MOVE_IMGPTN that they are not contiguous, then repeat steps 1 and 2 until MOVE_IMGPTN reports success.
The two files are already in the correct position
 The files had to be re-copied until they were in the correct order.
If your USB drive is very full or very fragmented then install Piriform Defraggler and run Action - Advanced - Defrag Free Space on the USB drive, followed by \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd.

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